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Testimonial from international bestselling author,

Barbara Hand Clow:

“I have finished reading “Wake Up!” and it is one of the finest books on personal transformation I have ever read. You say so much in so few words. It is a masterpiece. Thank you so much for giving it to me! This email is to tell you I am sure I will endorse your second book as soon as it arrives and I have read it. You are a wonderful and clear writer, and your heart is so much present in your work that I could almost hear it while reading it.”

About Suzanne Ross

With her advanced knowledge of health and wellness, Suzanne has empowered hundreds of people to reach their highest potential through improved health and wellness. Not only has she helped them improve the quality of their life from a physical perspective but, through sharing her enlightened message, has inspired many to realize their potential from a spiritual perspective as well. By offering “The Up! Trilogy”, Suzanne is expanding her live 30-day programming by bringing it into the lives of many with her interactive books, guided meditation CD and “Spiritual Transformations” DVD. She hopes that her message of human empowerment and “Creator-Consciousness” will transform the lives of those seeking to manifest a reality that aligns with their true purpose. Through teaching her signature “VIS-MED” practice from her book “Wake Up!” she guides her students through sensory visualization and contemplative meditation facilitating their power to connect to higher consciousness. She believes that anyone can dramatically enhance their experience of life by tapping into the greater field of consciousness that lies beyond our everyday awareness. This connection, she feels, not only reveals a deeper meaning and greater purpose but also empowers seekers to unleash their creative spirit and realize their unlimited potential to do, be and have anything their heart truly desires.

Through her work, Suzanne emphasizes the importance of pure intention and the need to bring the highest virtue into every thought, word and action. She encourages her students to practice forgiveness, patience and compassion and encourages them to radiate love and light in every moment of their life. The response to this approach has been overwhelming and her students have shared many testimonials claiming that their experience of life has been transformed dramatically and their relationships enhanced in many profound and positive ways. It was due to these testimonials that Suzanne was inspired to bring her program to life on the pages of a book that could empower and enhance both the individual and collective consciousness.

She expresses deep gratitude to all who join her on this journey. As an expression of her gratitude, she offers free audio/video downloads for Dynamic Movement, Inspirational Breathing and VIS-MED meditations under the Meditations tab in this website!hope her readers will unite through her website. Through the cathartic workshops offered in her book “Wake Up!” and the companion online workshops, she aims to elevate the minds and open the hearts of her readers, fans and followers. Her ultimate goal is to offer humanity powerful ways to “live  well and love life” by accessing their highest consciousness.


Meaning: To Create
Purpose: To Evolve

I am blessed to have found my true calling in the field of wellness. It has given me the opportunity to improve the lives of hundreds of people over the last 20 years. Helping others realize what they are truly capable of has been extremely gratifying. For most of my career, I have been primarily focused on the physical well-being of my clients but have always made a sincere effort to uplift them on an emotional level as well. Giving positive feedback and helping my clients have a brighter and more optimistic perspective, especially when faced with difficult challenges, has been the most fulfilling aspect of my career. Over the last five years, I have taken this to a whole new level. I began a spiritual quest as the result of a life-changing experience and as I did, my clients began to notice a marked change in my attitude and outlook on life. I gradually became more calm, patient and joyful and as they watched my transformation, they took an interest in my journey. Responding to their inquiries, I shared with them how my spiritual practice was bringing me a profound sense of peace. Several of them asked if I would consider guiding a weekly meditation. Due to their enthusiastic response and heightened interest in spirituality, I became inspired to share my personal revelations with others. I wanted everyone, my clients, friends and family, to experience the same feelings of pure joy and inner peace that I had discovered along my path. When you start to see the world from a more enlightened perspective, you want to share it with everyone! It comes from a place of love and compassion for all of humanity. The bliss is so profound that you want others to realize it as well. I was inspired by a powerful motivation to bring this full realization forth so others could benefit from it as well.

There are moments of existence when time and space are more profound
and the awareness of existence is immensely heightened.
~Charles Baudelaire

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