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First of all, you are already perfect in every way. Each of us is inherently perfect no matter the seemingly imperfect conditions of our body or mind. Everything about you is exactly the way it was meant to be and has been since the day you came into being. It’s all a matter of perception. The true perception, regardless of what we have been told or led to believe, is that inside each and every one of us is a being of pure perfection just waiting to be revealed in all of its glory, power and unlimited potential. Have faith that there are no limitations, physical or mental, that can prevent this perfection from manifesting. All you have to do is have a strong desire to bring it forth by accessing the infinite potential within you. You also have to be willing to make the effort, of course, but I can tell you that it is so much easier than you might think! All you really need to do is to believe that this potential lies within you. When you come to realize that creation is perfection in motion and you are a created being, then you come to believe that you are perfection in motion as well. That’s it! To reinforce this belief, all you have to do is look at the natural creation around you. Start with a rose for instance – so perfect, so beautiful. And the rose is compelled to become just that! From the moment it’s springs forth from the earth, it is determined to actualize its potential to become a perfect work of art. It reaches for its source of life, the sun, knowing with certainty that all it will ever need to survive will be provided for. The rose has only one purpose: to manifest itself for the benefit of others providing fragrant beauty for us and pollination for the bees. Using its own creative intelligence and the power of its source, it does so, and this gives its existence meaning. All that is required is that nothing interferes with this natural process of divine expression. The potential for perfection is there from the beginning just like it is in all living beings. Interference is the only thing that could possibly stand in the way of it expressing pure and perfect potential. If we just remain focused on realizing our potential with the faith that all we need will be provided for, as long as we can avoid or overcome the interference, we too will be free to be express our own creative potential.


Another fundamental truth is that life is persistent. This is most evident in nature, but it is true for all living things. Even if plants, like weeds for instance, do experience some form of interference that prevents them from expressing themselves fully, they will keep coming back to try and try again until they do. They have a strong intention and a persistent determination to flourish and spread. We also need to be persistent with a strong determination and clear intention not to allow interference to hold us back. We just need to believe that it is also in our true nature, as flourishing beings, to ultimately express our creative perfection, regardless of any interference, and then set an intention to keep trying until we do! This pure and unlimited potential to create lies within each and every one of us, here and now. It is just waiting to be realized and set into motion. Once it is, the possibilities are endless! So then we ask, why all the interference? Why is it so challenging to realize our full potential? Why are all these obstacles placed in front of us that we have to overcome before we are free to fully express ourselves as perfectly created beings? That’s easy to answer: It’s simply because these challenging experiences are full of valuable lessons that are intended to help us learn and grow!


As human beings, we have the potential for discovering the pure consciousness within us. With our distorted human consciousness, however, we need to make a sincere effort to strive for a more pure and perfect way of being and our life lessons are the key to achieving that goal. We have the opportunity to uncover these valuable lessons by exploring the depth and meaning behind our life experiences, especially the most challenging ones.  Without interference and diversity, there would be no real experience Рno comparative. In order to experience and appreciate happiness, one must know sadness. In order to experience and appreciate health, one must have sickness. Fortunately, we have the power of free will so we can choose happiness instead of sadness and we can choose to improve and sustain our health in order to prevent sickness. Ultimately, in the face of physical and emotional challenges, we have the opportunity to use our free will to make the best choices for our health and well-being. We can choose to surrender and overcome or we can choose to be a victim of our circumstance. We have the power and the potential to transform these experiences from challenges into opportunities to learn and grow! Whether we realize it or not, we are manifesting all of our experiences for the purpose of evolving toward perfection. We place difficult beings and challenging circumstances in front of us to help us develop our highest virtues of patience and compassion. These interferences challenge us to practice forgiveness, understanding and love. In essence, they give us the opportunity to develop the highest traits of our true nature. All of the traits and qualities of pure consciousness are inside of us as our true nature since we are one with the primal expression of unconditional love. The most compelling quality of this shared consciousness is the inherent and pure love that embodies it. This trait is the secret behind fully accessing all of the power to create and evolve at will that is fully within our potential!

With this mindset, we can begin to reflect on our life knowing that all of our experiences have served a divine purpose: the evolution of our soul. This will help us approach these reflections with a broader and more enlightened perspective. I want you to have fun with this process and although, it may be difficult at times, it is a very effective way of embracing the precious moments forever and letting go of the others for good!



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