The Up Trilogy!


Wake Up! Released in Spring 2015

Rise Up! Coming in 2017

Rise Up! Coming in 2019

The Up! Trilogy – The Progressive Path of Evolutionary Wellness

Through researching and writing these books, my life has been greatly enhanced in endless ways. I have gained a great deal of insight about the illusory nature of reality and, as such, have grasped the concept that it is truly the ‘reflection’ of a higher consciousness. This recognition has given me the opportunity to explore the essence of my being in a much more enlightened way. My life has so much more meaning now that I’ve discovered how to use this knowledge to intentionally create my experiences with the power of thought. I have learned to consciously direct my thoughts, words and actions to reflect this “higher self”. These realizations have been such an incredible gift that I want to show my appreciation by using it for the highest purpose of sharing it with others. My most sincere and heartfelt desire is to convey this message:

This lifetime is a rare and precious opportunity to consciously evolve by creating a meaningful life. By engaging in a healthy lifestyle that is conducive to our well-being, we can progress along our evolutionary path. We can ascend toward a more enlightened way of living by accessing the wisdom of our highest self. We can use this life wisely by recognizing and applying the life lessons we came here to learn and in this way, evolve toward a more inspired way of being that benefits both ourselves and others. We are truly blessed to be living and breathing on this beautiful planet at this most opportune time. With this realization in mind, we must do our best to apply our highest self to each and every moment knowing that our precious life is a rare gift to be cherished.




Awakening through Reflection

A 10-day Life-lessons Workshop

“Liberating the Mind & Awakening the Spirit” 

Your evolutionary journey begins with a 10-day life-lessons workshop to help you “Wake Up” to a more inspired way of being. Over the course of a lifetime, we accumulate many experiences that make us who we are and define our character. Hidden within these experiences are the life lessons we have come here to learn. Peeling back the layers of the most transformative experiences reveals those lessons so that we can identify and master them once and for all. Until we recognize the lessons that our past has been trying to teach us, we will have to repeat the same types of experiences over and over again. This is not an effective way to consciously evolve and progress on our paths of self-realization. As progressive evolutionary beings, we want to learn and grow! We want to advance and improve upon our lives. We don’t want to remain stuck in repetitive thoughts and behaviors that are limiting us. No one wants to be limited! We all want to be free to express our highest potential. This workshop will help you do just that by guiding you through a karmic cause-and-effect analysis of your most memorable experiences. This will reveal the life lessons you came to learn and help you make a lesson plan that you can apply to your life today. With this plan, you can finally learn important life lessons and be free to move on to more advanced ones. This is the progressive process of conscious evolution that will allow you to create the most meaningful experiences while fulfilling your true purpose! Remember, the meaning of life is to create and the purpose is to evolve. This 10-day “Reflection” is designed to help you achieve the most important goal of your entire lifetime and that is

To learn the lessons that are necessary for your soul’s evolution.

As you master these lessons, you can progress onward to newer and more illuminating ones. In this way, you are intentionally ascending toward a higher consciousness. You will learn to create those experiences which are most conducive to your soul’s evolution and in doing so, you will express your highest potential! Creating these experiences is the true meaning of your life! Intentionally making the effort to consciously evolve is the true purpose. To enhance your creativity, you will be guided through specialized breathing techniques and basic meditation. These practices will allow you to explore your inner being and connect you with your higher self and any spirit beings that are ready to guide you. This higher guidance will illuminate the experiences that you are meant to reflect upon and highlight the lessons within them. The guided imagery is designed to liberate your spirit by clearing any blockages that may be preventing this guidance from flowing freely.

With each day, you will begin to feel more vibrant, radiant and empowered. You will learn how to use the creative power of the spirit within you to intentionally create new and more enlightened experiences based on the lessons you are learning. You will find that it’s simply a matter of directing the light within you to shine on the highest thoughts, words and actions and avoid the darker ones. Once you learn this process of redirecting your inner light, you can project it outward so that those around you can be enlightened by your radiance. In this way, you will discover the inherent power of your spirit to illuminate the highest aspects of yourself and others. In addition to becoming more empowered, these spiritual practices will bring you a deep inner peace infused with an underlying feeling of pure joy. With your spirit flowing freely, your experience of life will be greatly enhanced and your creative potential will be unleashed. This cathartic process of contemplative reflection will help you intentionally create with a higher sense of awareness and consciously evolve with a deeper sense of purpose. In this awakened state, you will be guided toward a more inspired way of being!

You are now ready to “Rise Up!” and discover the true nature of your radiant spirit!



Ascension through Revelation

10-days on the Ascension Path“Opening the Mind & Igniting the Spirit” 

Your evolutionary journey continues with the secondd book “Rise Up!” which takes you on an extraordinary outdoor adventure that will open your mind to the infinite wonders of creation. This adventure spans the globe while exploring the creation story from a scientific, spiritual and religious perspective. We will witness firsthand how Mother Nature herself reveals the complex discoveries of quantum physics while clearly illuminating the beauty and truth behind spirituality and religion. The fundamental truths of all time will be revealed in modern scientific theory as well as in ancient sacred texts and biblical scripture. During the course of our adventure, we will uncover some of the greatest mysteries about who we really are, where we came from and why we are here.

I have come to realize that a deep appreciation for the divine nature of all living things is essential for our soul’s growth. Spending time out in nature, connecting to the living and breathing plants and animals, truly nurtures the soul. This is why I have designed the final stage of your evolution as a virtual outdoor adventure. I firmly believe our spirits are a projection of the one creative source and as such, we have played an integral role in creating the reality we live in and experience every day. This adventurous journey will take you through the vast expanse of time and space in search of the source from which it flows.

We will begin with the original ‘big bang’ ~ the moment when the creative source expanded in an ecstatic explosion of pure energy! From here, we will explore the original patterns and elements that began to emerge as creation unfolded. As we begin to understand how stars, suns and planets were formed, our own solar system comes into being. This is where our adventure becomes very close to our hearts and takes on great significance as we visualize our own Mother Earth evolving as a creative being. We will explore the intriguing theories- scientific, spiritual and philosophical – around the spectacular creation story. At the end of each day, you will engage in a guided visualization. This will give you the opportunity to contemplate your own thoughts on the concepts and ideas that were just presented. This is an intriguing and highly spirited adventure. You will be in a constant state of awe, wonder and suspense as you make this incredible trek through creation and beyond.

Several inspirational authors and spiritual teachers will be our trail guides as we ascend on our path. Their profound wisdom will enhance our journey by teaching us how to apply what we are discovering to our everyday experience of life. Their practical spirituality will help you “Rise Up!” as you engage in powerful practices to illuminate your body, enlighten your mind and expand your spirit. With a greater understanding of your life’s true purpose and a deeper appreciation for all of creation, you will ascend to a higher realm and explore the depths of your innermost being. You will be given time at the end of each day to sit quietly and apply meditational practices that will connect you with your own inner wisdom – the field of consciousness where you can access your own personal truths. In deeper meditation, you may even connect with the greater wisdom – the cosmic consciousness which holds the fundamental truths of all time. In this section, you will also have the opportunity to experience many different types of guided imagery and inner exploration. This will give you valuable insight as to what works best for you. You may pick and choose between various ways of connecting with your higher consciousness. This connection will deepen your experience of life in many ways that are tremendously beneficial. Through accessing your highest self, you will gradually come closer to the Divine Self, or Great Spirit. This is your ultimate goal – to grasp the full realization of the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient spirit that is within you and around you, now and for all of eternity.

For me, there is a process and it is a joyful path. First, there is the research and practice. Second, there is contemplation. Third, a personal interpretation develops which represents the truths that resonate from within. Fourth, a strong belief begins to flourish as fragmented truths fall into place beautifully and become one unified whole. Then finally, a knowing occurs deep within your soul that is profound and complete. You have an experience of becoming one with the truth as it resonates within the very core of your being. The spiritual essence, or true nature, of your reality begins to permeate your body, mind and soul. As you come into this self-realization, your whole perspective becomes enlightened and you are naturally compelled to bring forth your highest self in every thought, word and action. You are also compelled to share this realization with others out of love, compassion and a true desire to enhance their well-being. You are inspired to treat yourself, others and Mother Earth with a great deal of consideration and respect. Compassion and patience, as well as peace and joy, radiate from your being and are expressed in every moment of every day with this enhanced appreciation for life! These new revelations will fill you with a greater depth of meaning and purpose than you could have ever possibly imagined and you come to find that you are eternally grateful for, and infinitely in love with, all that is, ever was and ever will be! That’s how it works! It’s both simple and miraculous at the same time.

This is what I want others to know in their mind and to feel in their soul. My strong wish is that I can inspire others to experience for themselves the magnificence of their being. I sincerely hope that you, the participants, will embrace this opportunity to consciously participate in the creation of your reality and the evolution of your soul. I firmly believe that the most effective way to encourage others is to present the truths that have resonated with me and then guide them to uncover their own through contemplation and meditation. It is imperative to discover one’s own personal truth – “to know thyself”. During the course of this exploration, it is my sincere intention to develop within you a strong desire to heighten your awareness of your own true nature and to explore the infinite potential of your own creative spirit. If you fully participate in the interactive format of this book – writing down your reflections and revealing your truths – there is no doubt in my mind that you will naturally find a much deeper meaning and greater purpose behind your experience of life.

This brings me back to the beginning of this introduction in which this I was describing how this project has enhanced my own life in many profound and beautiful ways. I explained how I have benefited tremendously in my everyday experience of life and now I would like to share how this journey has contributed to the eternal adventure of my soul. I believe we take our experiences with us whether we return for another incarnation or remain in the higher realms. I also feel that the Creator is a “father- like” figure who deeply loves and cares about all of his children. I believe that the Creator projected his consciousness way out into the evolutionary realms of time and space for the purpose of self-realization. Through the creation of us, as his children, he is able to do this – to know himself through our experiences. As aspects of his consciousness, we each provide a unique point of view from which he can view the experiences we are illuminating. We are blessed to be gifted with the opportunity to provide the experiences that will truly benefit this highest and most divine purpose. Our own self-realization is the ultimate gift that we can contribute to the divine consciousness. In doing so, we will be blessed by the Creator and drawn closer to his heart as all is gathered and made whole once again.

I have become truly aware through reflection, revelation and realization that my own life has a much deeper meaning beyond the details of everyday life. I now know that my soul is eternal and that every precious moment will be embraced by my luminous spirit forever more. I will take with me every blessed moment of joy, love, pain and suffering knowing that each one serves a higher purpose. I know in my heart that I am being guided by a higher intelligence that is motivated by pure unconditional love. Therefore I am grateful for every single experience and I take every opportunity to express my infinite love and eternal gratitude for this extraordinary journey called life! I have been inspired to find the divine truth and beauty in everyone and everything around me. This “30-day Illumination” is all about illuminating the radiant spirit within so that we can share it with one another. Inspired by the spirit of unity, love and peace, we can all create a more meaningful life on this planet and consciously evolve toward a more enlightened and inspired way of living and being. We can all progress on our ascension path as we return to the loving source from which we came.


You are now ready to “Lighten Up!” By purifying your body of the toxins stored within, your light will shine brightly and you will glow with the pure radiance of your spirit.


Empowered Eating & Enlightened Living

A 10-day Purification

“Purifying the Body, Mind & Spirit” 

Your journey wraps up with a 10-day purification that allows you to “Lighten Up” by releasing the toxins that are weighing you down. You will detoxify your body with a high-quality line of nutritional supplements that combine cleansing herbs and restorative vitamins and minerals with a muscle-building pea protein. As a personal trainer for the last 20 years, I have experimented with hundreds of supplements and I can honestly say that, hands down, this is the highest quality line I have ever used. It is completely organic, tastes delicious and creates optimal wellness by cleansing your body of the toxins stored within. These toxins, which are stored in fatty tissue, cause us to hold onto excess body fat, have chronic fatigue and an array of physical ailments. This purifying detox is gentle and does not cause inconvenient and excessive elimination. This process is supported by a clean-eating program that consists primarily of organic produce and pure proteins. You will be given delicious shake recipes and daily meal plans that are easy-to-follow and prepare. I have included valuable information about the benefits of detoxifying and the importance of healthy and pure nutrition. You will also be enlightened by the daily “Metabolic Empowerments” which teach you progressive ways of bringing a higher level of awareness into your eating experience while improving the quality of your relationship with food. To enhance the experience, you will be guided through a series of relaxation breathing practices and basic meditation to release the toxic stress that is limiting your potential. Through the process of detoxifying and the practices of de-stressing you will restore and balance your body and discover a more enlightened way of living .

This nutritional detoxification will help you get a fresh start on your new path by removing the toxic waste and stress that are limiting you! In order to tap into your highest potential, you must start by removing any blockages. This empowering process will allow your energy to flow freely and as the toxins are released, you will begin to feel a surge of power simmering just below the surface. It will feel like a flame has been ignited within the very core of your being! With each new day, you will become more radiant as the life force within you is unleashed. You will begin to feel lighter on your feet as if a weight has been lifted. Freed from the toxins that are weighing you down, you will “Lighten Up!” and the world around you will appear to be brighter and more abundant. In this highly energetic state, you will begin to realize that your life is full of endless possibilities and  that you have the unlimited potential to do, be and have anything you desire! Free at last, you can fully embrace the present and envision a brilliant future!

You are now ready to “Rise Up!” and discover the true nature of your radiant spirit!