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Book I of The Up! Trilogy will be released February 2015!


This 10-Day life lesson workshop, “Awakening Through Reflection,” gives the reader a powerful process through which they can uncover the important lessons that they have come here to learn in this lifetime. Using a karmic cause and effect analysis, journal-ing and mediation,  the student is able to create a lesson plan which they can apply to their life today.

Balancing Ego and Spirit


“It’s very helpful to say “spirit, spirit, spirit” whenever you feel ego is overstepping its boundaries. Anything other than pure unconditional love is ego, of course, so we have to be very cautious in our thoughts, words and actions not to let it rear its ugly head and cloud our judgment. So this becomes a daily practice: Just say to yourself, “Is this ego or spirit talking?” If its ego, we think, “How can I redirect my thoughts towards spirit?” If its spirit, we simply smile and express gratitude for the guidance we are given. ”

– An Excerpt from the book Wake Up!