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Sacred Symbols – Rise Up!

[…At this point, I felt deeply connected with the nature around me and in my heightened state of awareness, I began to see everything in high definition and hear every sound in high resolution. I was able to see further than I’d ever seen before and could hear sounds from way off in the distance. Close-up, every color seemed so vivid and every sound was amplified. The grass looked florescent green and the water sparkled like diamonds. The snap of a twig under my feet sounded like cracking thunder and the birds chirping in the trees like an orchestra. I recognized this experience, I call “merging”, because I have had it before. Absorbed in nature, I suddenly become acutely aware that my life-force is merging with that which surrounds me. I am open to the living spirit and truly feel at one with all beings. This sense of oneness fills me with joy and I find comfort in the unity of life. I become overwhelmed with an unconditional love for all living beings as my heart opens up and my mind expands. Exploring the meaning of the symbols out in nature, I begin to ponder my new discovery – the radiant spiral…]

– Excerpt from book three of The Up! Trilogy, Rise Up!