Preparing for Reflection

You are about to embark on a cathartic and introspective reflection of your life. For this 10-day workshop, we will be focusing on the memories from your past that stand out as transformational. For the purposes of this book, I am focused primarily on adulthood however this is your reflective experience to consciously create in the way that is most beneficial for you. If you feel you would like to begin your experience with events or turning points in your childhood, I highly encourage you to do so. I recommend that you stay focused on specific experiences within which you can identify a cause and effect relationship – one that has influenced the choices you have made in your adult life. As an example, let’s take a story from my mother’s life that she has openly shared. When she was growing up and going to school, she was one of the tougher girls brave enough to stand up to the bullies. She would always defend the girls who were afraid of them, especially against the aggressive males who would tease them. In her adult life, she became very dedicated to defending women’s rights. This is an obvious pattern for her in this lifetime. Each day of the workshop, you will be asked to close your eyes and scan the memories that mark different time periods in your life. As you do this, personality characteristics may stand out that you see reflected throughout. There may also be significant events or periods in your life that have left a strong impression on you and influenced the decisions you have made or the path you have chosen. It is important to identify these in order so that you can reveal your authentic nature and identify patterns within your own experiences. There may be childhood memories that require a greater understanding of yourself before you can reconcile them with your adult experience. Therefore, it may be more beneficial for you to begin your reflection within the parameters of your adult experience and then as you do so, the developmental years of your childhood may make more sense to you. Once it does, this opportunity to harmonize your childhood with your adult life will reveal the synchronicity of events and allow you to see more clearly why they had to happen just as they did. This may open the door to forgiving yourself and others for things you might regret or are holding onto resentment over. It will also help you recognize the heroes and angels that you have been blessed with.

The main focus of this part of the workshop is to identify the transformational stages of your life and find the lessons hidden within them. You will also have the opportunity to take a closer look at your relationships and uncover the significance they have had on your evolutionary path. Important choices you have made regarding career life, education and interests must be examined to see if they align with your authentic nature and true calling. It will also be necessary for you to think deeply about the mistakes you have made and any regrets you may have so you can reconcile them and forgive yourself. Maybe you have deep seeded resentment or anger toward others in your life that you need to resolve. By taking a closer look at the true nature of these conflicts, you can determine what the underlying purpose might be. Often times, the more challenging people and circumstances are the best teachers of all and that’s why it’s so important to identify the lessons they are teaching you. I know for myself, that this process has allowed me to transform resentment into gratitude as I realize the valuable lessons I learned from the experience. This transformative process of identifying patterns and reconciling experiences with their true cause and effect nature is liberating and empowering. It will give you a whole new perspective on your life and you will welcome challenges and embrace opportunities in a much more enlightened way!

If you participate fully and consciously commit to the interactive nature of this experience, I am confident that your perceptions of reality and your place within it will be dramatically enhanced. The level of consciousness within which you view your reality will be significantly elevated! In this higher state of consciousness, the deeper meaning and greater purpose of your existence will become crystal clear. From this higher perspective, you will be better equipped to see the exquisite synchronicity of the symphony of your life. Once you see that even the most difficult experiences were necessary to balance karma, and therefore help you to significantly progress on your evolutionary path, you will see them in a whole new way. You will find that the easy experiences and the neutral people didn’t help you to progress and build character nearly as much as the difficult and more challenging ones.


After I began to recognize the divinity within the experiences of my life, I developed a strong faith that everything happens just as it should and for a good reason. Trusting in the divine plan has made me feel much more at peace with the events that unfold around me. I know that I have projected the experiences in order to learn the lessons that I need to in the interest of my evolution and refinement. Also, now that I am more capable of taming my mind and controlling my emotions of fear, anger and resentment, I am not experiencing those emotions reflected back to me and am experiencing less resistance. This perspective has made my life so much smoother, more pleasant and enjoyable. I have become acutely aware that, as I project compassion and kindness, that’s exactly what is reflected back to me in my everyday experience of life. This is true across the board and rarely does it fail me. When it does, I am able to see the symbolic nature of the experience and then identify my own personal emotions that, left unguarded, were the cause of it! I realize that the purpose of the difficult experience was to expose the negative emotion, or trapped feelings, that needed my attention and repair. From this perspective, I am then grateful for it and commit to learning the necessary lessons within the experience right then and there. This way I can try and avoid not having to repeat one just like it! It’s really that easy. All you have to do is be introspective about the things that take place in your life and then contemplate their meanings to reveal their   greater significance. Once you know yourself better through this process of self-realization, it will get much easier and come more naturally.

My spiritual journey has exposed many personal truths and revealed even more human truths about the nature of creation and evolution itself. My sincere intention is that this workshop, through reflection and realization, will bring you much closer to your own personal truths as well. I am confident that they will be revealed to you as you reflect on the synchronistic nature of your experiences. As you begin to appreciate the harmonious rhythm of all of your experiences, physical and spiritual, you can tune in to the true symphony of life and bring more peace, happiness, abundance and joy into it!

Let’s get started by taking a quick look at the workshop format –

Life Experiences

I will start each day by sharing stories about my own transformational experiences. My sincere intention is that they will inspire and move you. My joys and sorrows will become your own and as these emotions arise, your own personal memories will be triggered. As I climb out of distressful times and rejoice in better ones, you too will do the same. I want to go on this adventure together and that is why I have made it interactive. By exposing my strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, you will be empowered to reveal yours. As humans, we are having much more of a collective experience than we are an individual one.


Karmic Cause & Effect Analysis

Through applying this “cause and effect” analysis to our mutual reflections, we will identify the lessons we have come here to learn! This brings us one step closer to actually mastering them and then we can move on to more advanced ones. We can consciously evolve and that’s what we’re here to do – evolve to a higher consciousness where we can express our highest potential!


Let’s head out and explore where we’ve been, see the choices we’ve made and why. Through examining our choices, we can learn to make better ones that will lead us into a brighter future! By the time we reach the end of the workshop, we will be much more capable of making conscious choices that will benefit our life more and lead to our progressive evolution. We will be on the higher path – the one that leads us to the top of the mountain where we have a much broader perspective!


My sincere desire is that, by interactively experiencing this book, you will become determined to seek and discover your own personal truth. My intention is that, by reflecting honestly and with introspection upon your life, you will discover it’s synchronistic cause and effect nature. This will allow you to see your experiences more clearly as teachings or “ learning experiences” designed to further your spiritual evolution. In this way, you can reflect upon your experiences as lessons that have had to be repeated time and again until finally they are completely understood and applied. Also, this deep reflection on your most transformative life experiences will reveal your true nature and divine purpose. The experiences you recall from the past, which you feel guilt or shame about, can be dealt with honestly, not necessarily with justification but with pure compassion for yourself. You will develop a deep understanding that, as a human being, you are only capable of performing actions in accordance with where your consciousness is, or was, at the time. This level of compassion toward  thoughts, actions or words that were less favorable,  and clearly misaligned with your true nature, can be forgiven once and for all. This allows for spiritual advancement and progression. A leap in one’s spiritual evolution takes place when one is able to forgive him or herself completely. It may be helpful with those words or acts you perceive as sinful to be verbalized aloud while looking in the mirror at  yourself. This mirror ritual becomes very significant as you admit, confess and then forgive yourself for past mistakes. You can then express compassion for yourself as a human being as you declare love for yourself saying for instance. “I forgive you for all past mistakes and sins. I recognize that you are a fallible human being and realize you were doing the best you could at the time with the consciousness you were in. I have sincere compassion for you and forgive you completely. I forgive you and I love you.”


Through this workshop, you will also uncover the many altruistic, loving and compassionate things that you have said and done. Embracing these positive memories of the past are just as important as letting go of the negative ones. Recognize that they are an expression of your true nature as a thoughtful, generous and loving person. I recommend you do a mirror ritual to reinforce these positive attributes, saying for example, “You have chosen many compassionate thoughts and words and acted in kind, considerate, and loving ways. You have revealed your true nature as a pure being with the highest intentions of love and compassion for yourself and others. This is your highest nature and is always available to you.”  Accessing this highest part of yourself is always possible through the practice of sincere mindfulness in every moment of every day and in every thought, word and action. You will be rewarded greatly for your efforts as these intentions will be returned to you in many profound and beautiful ways. You will increase your level of joy, happiness and gratitude by being mindful and wise. You will be inspired to do this out of pure love for yourself and others and you will learn how to apply mindfulness and wisdom to every moment of your life from now on. I have found this type of reflection to be extremely beneficial to my spiritual growth in many ways.


Self-realization is a process that requires uncovering personal truths about yourself and the world around you. Your experiences in this lifetime are the clearest pictures that you have of your own personal evolution and recalling it in detail, good or bad, will help you paint that picture in more specific detail so that you can realize who you are on a deeper level.  Once these experiences have been recalled, let go of the negative ones and embrace the positive ones. You are moving forward with the positive attributes which reflect your true nature and discarding the negative ones which are false and untrue, making them unreal in reality. Love is the only reality. Everything else is man-made and false. The purpose of this workshop is to embrace pure love and let go of guilt, shame and fear. You will be empowered to release all of the negative emotions of hate, lust, anger and resentment. You will learn to replace these with love and forgiveness and this will allow you to advance to a higher way of living and being. This more advanced approach to life will bring you more peace, joy and happiness than you have ever known before! You will also make significant progress on your evolutionary path toward self-realization. Maybe it will even inspire you to write your own book, or at least a journal: “The Remarkable Story of Me”!


I have included many personal photos that enhance the stories I am sharing. I highly encourage you to enhance your experience by digging up old photos and memorabilia as well. Doing this may inspire you to reach out to friends or loved ones with whom you haven’t spoken in a while. You may want to share fond memories with them or you may find yourself wanting to express a sincere apology to a few. Just be introspective before reaching out to make sure whatever you want to share is beneficial for both their well-being and yours. Sometimes bringing up the past is not beneficial and in some cases, sending a sincere apology through intentional thought may be better than opening old wounds.


The most important thing to remember is that you are on a journey of self-discovery and so, in the process, make an effort to recognize your distinct “uniqueness”. Highlight the activities that have always given you the most enjoyment and those that do not. Look for those aspects of your nature that have revealed themselves repeatedly over the course of your lifetime and make a distinction between those that have given you the most positive emotions and those that have not. Your true nature is aligned with those activities and pursuits that generate excitement and enthusiasm. Your highest self is revealed in those which reflect your true purpose or calling. This is the path that you want to follow and base your current pursuit of happiness on. The things that you have engaged in that did not give you pleasure, fulfillment or joy are just as important to recognize. Use these to construct the path you do not wish to follow. If some of these reflect the path that you are on now, you can make a determination in your mind to take the next detour and get back on the higher path as soon as you can. You are painting a picture of your highest self. To find a deeper meaning and greater purpose in your life, you must follow the direction of your higher consciousness. This will guide you in the pursuit of your true nature. Recognizing that the pure being that lies within you is a gracious, compassionate and loving soul, and making the effort to stay mindful of this, will bring you inner peace and great joy. As you express your inherent nature of love and compassion toward others, you will find it reflected upon you. Life will become more fulfilling and pleasurable as you attract like-minded beings into your space who also express grace and kindness. You will be highly rewarded for every minute that you devote to this attainment. You will find that the quality of your life is enhanced in many ways and on many levels when you make a sincere effort to express your authentic nature by connecting with your highest self!