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Lighten Up! T.V. just ranked #2 most watched show on V.A. T.V.!

I am so delighted to announce that on the one year anniversary of Lighten Up! T.V.’s launch on VoiceAmerica T.V., it was ranked the #2 most watched show on their television network. Lighten Up! is featured on the #1 channel on VoiceAmerica T.V. – The Empowered Connections channel. Over the past year, I have interviewed 50+ of the most enlightened female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. These inspired women are driven by their passion to enhance the lives of others by offering inspiration, empowerment and enlightenment through their transformational books, programs, products and services. Tune into Lighten Up! T.V. by visiting the Empowered Connections channel on VoiceAmerica T.V. or just visit the Lighten Up! T.V.  website and under GUESTS, scroll thorough all the dynamic, remarkable difference-makers she has interviewed and featured on the show. If you are passionate about making a positive difference, reach out to Suzanne and inquire about being a guest on the show:

To check out the Lighten Up! T.V. website, just click on the link:

Eating is the newest way to longevity of life!

Radio Interview December 31, 2014

Episode Description:

Empowered Eating is the newest way to longevity of life! In the next hour Suzanne Ross, Certified Personal Trainer and nutritional Coach will share with us key details to intuitive eating food that sustains life, letting go of our “old” food stories, respecting our bodies, The Paleo Diet and so much more! This is part one of a 2-part series, (an actual designed workshop), and next week, we will hear about “Enlightened Living” by Linzi Levinson (again with Suzanne), the second half of the workshop they designed together.

Beyond The Chaos

We tend to live in this narrow field of awareness -in our “own little world” – if you will. But we can choose to step out of that world and look beyond it. All you have to do is shake off all of the whirling thoughts that have to do with your world – all the thoughts about you – and look beyond yourself out into the horizon around you. When you do this you will notice how far you can actually see. The farther you look into the horizon beyond, especially when you look at the stars, you are looking into the past. You can see things close-up that exist more in your immediate present moment and far away at things that are literally in the past both at the same time. You can also hear sounds occurring right next to you and sounds emanating from far away at the same time. In both of these instances, you are experiencing vibrational waves that are traveling through space.

You are also vibrating and traveling in space so you are interacting and participating in this rhythmic performance of wave activity. This rhythmic wave activity can be harmonious within your reality or it can be chaotic – it’s your choice since your determining and directing your reality. Waves behave more coherently as they resemble each other in a harmonious environment. Coherent waves have more power and more strength when they are directed intentionally.

This is the mechanism behind laser beams and also behind remote healing. Consciously directed coherent wave patterns are created by an intelligent director who has increased awareness of his innate ability. These are choices that you can also make and when you do, you will be exponentially increasing your human potential. What do you choose? Do you choose to let your reality control you in a chaotic and dysfunctional way with incoherent waves that have much less power when left unconsciously directed? Or do you choose to consciously participate in your reality intentionally directing harmonious wave activity in a coherent fashion? You have many choices here and it’s up to you how you wish to experience your reality. But just knowing that you can dramatically increase your potential in these three important ways: first, by knowing as much as you possibly can about yourself and the world around you. Secondly, by expanding your consciousness through contemplation and meditation and thereby increasing your bandwidth. (Both of these activities will give you much greater access to all of the information in both the collective and universal fields of consciousness). And then thirdly, just by increasing your level of awareness of everything in your reality – truly experiencing the essence of it by intensely observing the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes and textures to the greatest of your ability which, by the way, has endless potential.

– From the essay “Beyond The Chaos”