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Lighten Up! 2015 Retreat Brochure


PDF Lighten Up! 2015 brochure

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If you’re ready to be truly inspired, you won’t want to miss this life-changing event. This impressive group of speakers, authors and wellness experts will enhance your life in many powerful ways.

The motivational speakers will empower you to believe in yourself and give you the courage to follow your dreams. The inspirational authors will share their own personal stories of triumph over suffering. They will show you how to transform suffering into an opportunity for awakening. You will learn how to move out of fear and resentment and into love and compassion. The wellness professionals will show you how to embrace a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. This integrative approach to wellness will have a powerful impact on your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. When your body, mind and spirit are aligned in perfect harmony, you can do, be and have anything you desire. It is possible to live the life of your dreams with an abundance of health, wealth and happiness.

Come and let us show you how!

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