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Lighten Up! T.V. just ranked #2 most watched show on V.A. T.V.!

I am so delighted to announce that on the one year anniversary of Lighten Up! T.V.’s launch on VoiceAmerica T.V., it was ranked the #2 most watched show on their television network. Lighten Up! is featured on the #1 channel on VoiceAmerica T.V. – The Empowered Connections channel. Over the past year, I have interviewed 50+ of the most enlightened female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. These inspired women are driven by their passion to enhance the lives of others by offering inspiration, empowerment and enlightenment through their transformational books, programs, products and services. Tune into Lighten Up! T.V. by visiting the Empowered Connections channel on VoiceAmerica T.V. or just visit the Lighten Up! T.V. ¬†website and under GUESTS, scroll thorough all the dynamic, remarkable difference-makers she has interviewed and featured on the show. If you are passionate about making a positive difference, reach out to Suzanne and inquire about being a guest on the show:

To check out the Lighten Up! T.V. website, just click on the link: