Lighten Up! T.V. just ranked #2 most watched show on V.A. T.V.!

I am so delighted to announce that on the one year anniversary of Lighten Up! T.V.’s launch on VoiceAmerica T.V., it was ranked the #2 most watched show on their television network. Lighten Up! is featured on the #1 channel on VoiceAmerica T.V. – The Empowered Connections channel. Over the past year, I have interviewed 50+ of the most enlightened female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry. These inspired women are driven by their passion to enhance the lives of others by offering inspiration, empowerment and enlightenment through their transformational books, programs, products and services. Tune into Lighten Up! T.V. by visiting the Empowered Connections channel on VoiceAmerica T.V. or just visit the Lighten Up! T.V.  website and under GUESTS, scroll thorough all the dynamic, remarkable difference-makers she has interviewed and featured on the show. If you are passionate about making a positive difference, reach out to Suzanne and inquire about being a guest on the show:

To check out the Lighten Up! T.V. website, just click on the link:

Greetings from Sedona!

Over twenty years ago, I had a powerful awakening in the desert of southern California. Stressed out from my corporate life and suffering from both anxiety and depression, I fled to the desert for respite. Upon arrival, I was greeted by my loving family and many beautiful people who became my friends. I was having the time of my life rediscovering what it meant to be joyful and free. One morning, I awoke terrified at the prospect of returning to my life in purgatory. I jumped out of bed and ran toward the mountains as if they were calling me. I sprinted to the top, threw my arms up and asked for divine guidance. Within moments, a total sense of calm washed over me and a voice resonated within me and all around me saying, “Can’t you see you’ve come home? You will stay here and heal yourself and many others. Don’t worry about the details. You will be guided every step of the way and always remember that you are loved more then you can possibly imagine.” In that astounding moment, I just stood there in awe looking out over the desert landscape envisioning my life as a healer in the desert. I knew the message was the absolute truth and so, without a doubt in my mind or an ounce of fear in my heart. i ran down the mountain and began my new life in the desert as healer. I opened a wellness business called “Lighten Up!” where for twelve years, I healed myself and many others just like the voice said I would. (You can see how this “heroes journey” unfolds in my book, “Wake Up!” and heal yourself and many others along the way!) PLEASE SHARE YOUR HEROES JOURNEY OR A DIVINE INTERVENTION YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED!Divine Intervention

New Vis-Med Meditations to Practice

Here are a series of meditations for the various subjects from the book Wake Up!





Vis-Med for CLOSURE




Vis-Med for HARMONY


Vis-Med for HEALING








Vis-Med for DEATH & DYING

How would you start to REALLY love your life?

Radio Interview January 7, 2015

Episode Description:

How would you start to REALLY love your life?

Enlightened Living includes life skills that will increase your quality of life, and are so easy to do. In the next hour, your host, Linzi Levinson (who will still be joined and discuss with Suzanne Ross as part of their workshop) powerful components of Enlightened Living.

Reaching potential, communication in relationships that WORK, learning how to have or increase self-esteem, self-love, and finding your unique identity and purpose. These will all allow for you to get where you want to go. Limiting beliefs get in the way, so we will discuss how to remove them and Linzi’s “process and purge” methodology.

Eating is the newest way to longevity of life!

Radio Interview December 31, 2014

Episode Description:

Empowered Eating is the newest way to longevity of life! In the next hour Suzanne Ross, Certified Personal Trainer and nutritional Coach will share with us key details to intuitive eating food that sustains life, letting go of our “old” food stories, respecting our bodies, The Paleo Diet and so much more! This is part one of a 2-part series, (an actual designed workshop), and next week, we will hear about “Enlightened Living” by Linzi Levinson (again with Suzanne), the second half of the workshop they designed together.